Child Opal card tapping on

Public transport is managed at the state level, so each state has its own entity in charge of managing its public transport network. Most cities would have a transport card (Opal, Myki, etc), which can be recharged and used across different transport methods. Most transport cards can be linked to a credit or debit card to avoid running out of credit.

When using public transport, it is important to remember to Tap On and Tap Off, so the correct fare is applied. Missing to Tap On means you are not traveling with a valid ticket, and can lead to fines. Forgetting to Tap Off normally means the maximum fare will be charged.

A summary of different fares can be found in the table below.

Transport method Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth
Train 2.00 to 5.00 2.40 to 15.96 2.70 to 20.34 2.20 to 3.95 1.98 to 4.41
Tram 2.00 to 5.00 Free to 4.60 - 2.20 to 3.95 1.98 to 4.41
Bus 2.00 to 3.00 2.40 to 3.60 - 2.20 to 3.95 1.98 to 4.41
Ferry 6.21 to 7.76 - - - -
Taxi 30.00 to 80.00 - - - -